Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday April 20th,09 Rainy and yucky 50 out.......

I know it has been so long, since I had done anything with this blog, but I have been doing really really rotton, and if I don't change things, I am not going to be here for long, I can feel it, and my body is going down hill. Everyday I say this is it, I am going to do better, but guess what? I don't. I need to have healthy stuff in the house and I usally eat what ever I can find which is not a whole lot at times. I also want to join some kind of weight club or something, I do so much better. If Form u 3 was still in Lapeer, I'd do whatever it took to get in there,they kept me on track, I would go 3 times a week! that would help so much. I have abused my body for so many years, I don't know if I will ever be healthy again, I sure want to try.I have been having weird pains here and there lately and it really scares me sometimes, I try not to say anything to anyone.I all ready started the day off wrong, but I know I still can make a better choice next time.. This Pic. is when we first moved into our New Home.. This shows it all..

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  1. Ooooooh, fancy blog page! You can do it! I know you can. Where do you think I get my strength from? You. You are always the one encouraging me in everything I do, so this is your little pep talk. :o) You are beautiful and you can love yourself and be kind to yourself... I am pointing right back at myself too. lol We need to be healthier by the time we go on vacation in June! But, more than that, we need to shoot for a goal.... How bout we go for this-- try to be the first one to lose 5 pounds and the one who didn't has to put $5.oo in our shabby raggy quilt fund. We can both contribute and when we have enough to get material for it, than we can go get enough to make us both a beautiful one. Just a thought. Love you Mumma