Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday March 20th-09

Good Morning to all my Blogging Friends~ SPRING HAS SPRUNG @ 7:45 this morning, I also heard a very pretty bird this morning as Ron was opening our door to go outside to get something. He also was nice to make me Breakfast Which was Waffles (homemade) and I put Peanut butter and Syrup on it YummmY!We are having a new shower put in our Bathroom it has a little seat to sat on which I need as I can't stand for any period of time, one thing that seat looks awful small, I realize it not a sitting party time, But I need to put my rear end there.Oh Well anything is Better than nothing that is for sure. I have learned to appricate alot of things in my life even the small ones... A guy from our Church is putting it in he has been here since about 9 am.Still working on getting the old one out. Have a Nice Day and lets Welcome Spring with new beginnings for anything.

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