Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thrusday-3-19-09 2-Day's Til Spring

Hello, Today is sunny again but it is only in the 30 right now, It is only getting in the 40's today..Well, the biggest loser where I go is they are just weighing you in. I was hoping for some kind of class or something.I was even up from 2 weeks ago..

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  1. Hi Sis, try the diabetic diet, just watch labels, or think like protein stuff, then veggies, fruit last. I found some blueberry weight watchers muffins without the hydrogenated oil, the other stuff had them. I get natural peanut butter. Less chemicals the better, you can do it and I can too...Help me, which will help you.. and Sherry, and others, you can do it..we need you to do inspire many people, The Lord will carry you...and you will show us the way back to health..
    Well, I do have you a shawl made, just that color, is that ok??? Do you want a different color? Tell me quick cause I am sending a small package this weekend for your birthday. If you want a different color, it will take a few days more, and maybe late for b day?
    Let me know soon, I am not sure when you go to bed now so havent called..hugs..