Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thank You Guys For Your Prayers~

Well it feels like a weight has been lifted (no Pun Intended) after I wrote Shawna after reading Debi's, and I said that verse to Shawna, and got up came back and sat in chair and it was like, Wow, I can feel your prayers, I can't describe it.We have nothing healthy to eat in the house... Ron got his tooth pulled yesterday, he says it feels ok today, he was in pain yesterday.. So I am going to get my Scales out (like a million times before) weigh myself and measure, that is my first step


  1. Oh Donna,good for you! Thats a start. Ive been feeling fo bad for you, and Shawna & I have been trying to think how to help you get started. I just keep reading anything I can on healthy stuff. Do you ever read the Oprah Mag.Well the last one had Dr. Oz in it and it has so much good info in it. I dont think you can get it anymore and Im going to make copies of it and send it to you & Shawna. Hopefully it will help you. I had to change my layout back as it didnt work.The first one did but it was too dark and I couldnt read your comment. Did you read that article Myrna has on her blog? Very good. Try to get your hands on any thing good to read. I just had a thought, Maybe you can go on line to Oprah Magazine and read it there. Frank just walked in and I have to get ready to get out of here. Talk you you later. Love you very much Donna

  2. Just wanted you to know we love you and are praying for you, you can do this, just take baby steps!

    Maybe set a goal for yourself...say like you have to lose 20 pounds before you get that pink laptop you want badly! Or try to lose 10-20 pounds before you move into your new home..just set little goals. :)