Friday, January 23, 2009


Good Morning All, or it is almost Good afternoon..I woke up this morning, Thinking I am going to try really hard to eat Healthy, But guess what, Still havn't got to get anything for eating, So I had a fruit, babyfood, Bought them when they were on sale for a Dollar.. Not to bad, I weighed myself yesterday, But still can't find my measuring tape(Darn) LOL . But I am going to keep looking for one. I should have more than one somewhere of all the time we have lived here, When Igot on My scales(if right) it scared me, I knew I weighed alot, but wow, I still am in schock, and No I am a Human ticking Bomb, So I am really going to give it my best shot, and start drinking a lot more Water, as Shawna said her New friend.. I did getone boxed packed and a little China Hutch,, cleared out.. Ta, Ta, For, Now...
This was Taken with my Pink Computer... Smelling the Roses~

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