Wednesday, August 4, 2010

8-4-2010 P Cloudy going to 90

Well, as u can see by the date, I have not written on this blog in a long long time, Still Struggling and have not got anywhere but more miserable, I so want to get Healthy. My Health issues are so bad now. I need a BIG turn around, I am asking god to Forgive for all the abuse eating I have done for all these years...I want to lean on him,and trust that he will help me to get Healthy before I have a Heart attack or stroke... I use to be 5'1"/2. now when they seen me at the Dr.s the nurse took my height and now I am 4'11" and WEIGH 278.. :( makes me sick thinking about it... We are going to Family reunion next week, I can hardly get around(which I know is My Fault). My husband pushes me in wheel chair or my Daughter does if I am with her.. Then the end of Aug. we are flying, and I am dreading the thought of the seatbelt in airplane,I know I would need extension.I know it something I should of been working on long time ago..I have also been having Issues with bad Migraines and I know MSG is a Trigger, and now looking @ Gluten & wheat etc. allergies..I have been pretty miserable at times.If God lays it on your heart to Pray for me, I sure would appreciate it. and by the way that walker in the pic. I have used very few times. Never did get to go walking.

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