Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb.17th. 2010- 27 outside feels like 17 Brr

I don't know about anyone else But, I am ready for Spring, I am a Spring Baby Born in March, and I love the March winds.. I have been going to blog everyday but something or some reason I never do.I am still trying to get a grip on losing weight, I have been watching the Doctors, Dr Oz. and it sure makes you think about things. and they do not leave nothing out they show you just like it is...I wish there was something in our area we could go to, I am a follower not a leader. there is WW, I have tried that about 5 times in the past and never got no where, I know that is my fault not theirs, I lose a few lbs. at first but then put it right back on.. I got the Flu this yr. then I got a bad cold with a lot of coughing that I am just now starting to get over it. I am so ready to lose, I need someone to help with my food planning, I know that is a big part of it. My Husband gets the groceries so I don't always have a say, but he knows what I am up against, he tries sometimes.. I need to get a plan and stick to it like a new life style change.. So 1 step at a time... here is one step too in the right direction, I have fell a couple times this month too, I was going to try to start walking with my sister with this new walker, I was finding it hard to try to use it it felt like another thing in my life going down hill and getting older, But my sister said think of it as a tool you are using it get better.. So that helped a lot. My Daughter used it for the first time for me in borders ( I knew why she was doing it and it worked) I don't get out much but used a a few times.


  1. Hope you are doing okay. Still think about you and hope that things turn around for you. Blessing to you.