Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday 6-26-09

I am watching the Oprah show and she has guests that are over weight teens, I am crying right along with them. I sure know how they feel, and sure can relate to how they are living and sometimes it hurts so bad thats all you can do is cry! I still fear everyday that I need too act fast before something happens, But I am so thankful everday that I am awake I thank God, I have another day to try.this pic. makes me feel so bad n sad, I am so ashamed of myself.I didn't even want to put this pic. on this blog, but did in hopes it would get me to do something good for myself.


  1. Hey Donna, I was wondering where you were. I saw that Oprah show to, and I bawled too. You hang in there and just keep trying. Im trying too but cant seem to get started. Whooo we had a couple of hot days, Im glad you guys go air. I wish we did. Ok take care, Love you!

  2. Praying you will find the strength, direction and courage to begin changing your life today! I KNOW YOU WANT TO LIVE!!!!!!