Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sat. Feb.21-09 Snowing-Yuck 27 days til Spring~

Hi U All Weight Watching people! How are things going, I am still struggling, Not getting anywhere and am so afraid something is going to Happen, which would be my own fault. Went to the Dr.'s last Tuesday My legs are awful now my left leg is really bad far as leg uclers, and is the same on my right, It looks awful, and don't want to lose my legs over weight. U THINK, I WOULD GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. I had Tawnya take a pic. Of my Leg so I can Post it and Tell people this is what being Morbid:O( Obesinty (sp) does when u get older and carry all that weight, we have been in this house for a week now sure doen't seem possible, I see this is the better week far as last week far as moving. we, are suppose to be getting around 7" of Snow, It is Snowing now.. "We still have BOXES ALL OVER

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