Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Snow Storm coming our way! Yuck :O(

Hi, to all my bloggers... How are things going for everybody? I am still struggling and getting NO WHERE! Got a e-mail that really sounds encouraging, The home shcool group @ church are starting a program called the Biggest Loser! It sounds exciting to me, I am so ready for something like this, I also need it which u all know, But havn't found out if just their group or if anyone can go... I was thinking, Sherry might like it too, and also Tawnya, but she is further away. But think it would still be good for her, get her out, and something we could do together..Man it will be a week tomorow that we moved in our new home don't seem possible, It feels like we are on vacation or something, Feels really weird, but a nice weird.. We are also suppose to get a big Snow storm starting for tomorow 6" or more depending on which way the storm heads... Gladspring is only 28 days away!!

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  1. Wow I know a week already, Yea I heard about your storm your suppose to get. We were suppose to get it too this week but it was not that bad, so maybe yours wont be either. That would be cool if you could get in that biggest loser thing. Hopefully they will let you. Ok going to go update my blog.