Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26 09. 58 Brr

Good Morning!
Well, I still am struggling and have not even got to first base, 2 steps forward, and 2 steps backwards and I feel like I am no where. I know I am the one stopping myself from getting anywhere. I know I need to get the Negative thoughts out, and that is one of the things I struggle with. I do not have much Self Esteem, (I know I should). I have one big Handicapp to me,and I know there is worst things. I have no top teeth, and I try not to let on, How bad I feel inside, and I also have trouble eating in Reaturants. I have had False teeth But can't wear them they make me gag so bad I have to take them out,or I will keep gagging.Even tho it has been around ten yrs.(I cry) Part of me does not feel beautiful when I get my makeup on and try to put lipstick on, and you try not to smile to big,because u don't want people seeing u don't have teeth.that is just one of my struggles. Have a Great Day.
P.S. this is one of My compression stockings, they feel really good at first but when I take them off, My legs are so sore I can hardly walk. But I try to wear them at Least a hr. or 2 I know I have better cicrulation in my feet..

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