Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thrusday 2-5-09

Thrusday Feb.5-09
Good Morning My Turtle Doves out in Blogging world~
I woke up in so much pain this morning on my side I could hardly move, I had to have Ron help me get up, he wants to call the Dr. I said No, But u know how we woman are. It hurts to breathe in or move, but took advil and Ron but a Brace on, still there but feels better, It is very Fridga outside 2 below, but the sun in shinging. I havn't ate yet, but don't have much here, so I will have to think on it.. Well, Have a Great happy Healthy Day---------

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  1. DONNA CALL THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!! Turtle Doves.... Now is there really a turtle dove?? I picture a turtle flying in the air. LOL Just joshing with you Donna