Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feb.26-09 22 Days til spring~ Nice today 40 something!

Hi, My weight watching friends,( I watch myself eat) Not to funny, cause I surely need to do something, When I went to the Dr. last week, he wants me to go to a dietian,(sp). I don't know if I already told you or not. Ron is still working in Charbridge, So I am siting here watching home videos. I sure wish I would get something going here, I know I would feel better, Well, Take care and u all get on track and me too..


  1. Hey Donna, whats your weather doing down there? Ours is starting to get bad. It was suppose to start earlier but it held off. Matt is leaving in the morning. I tried to get him to leave today but nooooooo. So now I'll be worrying my guts out tomorrow. Have a good nite.

  2. Hey Donna what happened to you? Are you alright? Or just enjoying your new home? Well you need to get back on here. We miss you!!!!