Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tues. 1-13-09 Sun is out , But Frigid Out like 3 out

I have always wanted to make a webpage about my weight but never did any, Then Blogging came out and I never did anything either, I started one, along time ago(yrs. ago) and never did anything with it. I just didn't. Anyway when I made my first Blog, After Tawnya's and Shawna's Blog, I decided to give it a try and in the back of my mind , I still was thinking about my weight but just didn't seem to know How To say anything about it without going on & on. So I guess this will be the Blog about weight, This way, I can say Anything I want about my weight.When I saw Shawna's Blog I was inspired to try it and give it a try. I hope Shawna don't think I am trying to copy her pg. But I also love the colors,and Love the Coffee~ LOL I was telling Tawnya the other day, I was really beginning to like it,(those colors) like we like Brown & Pink. Shawna is so uplifting to me, as Sherry and Tawnya are. I think of things I could or should of said way later, after the fact.. I have been trying harder to portion control this week than last, I still can't seem to get my water in, I used to drink over 4 qts a day, I need to do that again..

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  1. Copying me heh?..LOL Kidding, I don't think I saw this layout, I stop looking after I find one I like.

    Well I am glad you started a weight loss blog, I think it will help writing out feelings and just going day to day with it, it is one step at a time right? I will try and help you along as well, lift you up when I can and say and extra prayer or two to help you get through the rough times.

    I wished we lived closer so we could be there in person to cheer each other on but I guess this blog will have to do. I am glad you have Sherry and Tawnya there for you though.

    Thank you!

    Well keep up the good work and get packing!..lol

    Love you~